Is it April 7th yet??

It’s not official yet but it looks like Kendrick is gearing up for a new project that is going to drop next Friday.  After teasing the new project with an Instagram post and soon after dropping “The Heart Pt. 4” Kendrick is back with another single and video, this time for his new song “HUMBLE”

There’s a lot going on in the video, and it definitely requires a handful of watches but it’s on a movie level of quality.

If this song is any indication of what we can expect off the new album, we’ve got an instant classic on our hands. These past two releases seem like a very different sound compared to what we’ve seen Kendrick work with on G.K.M.C. and T.P.A.B. It’ll be interesting to see how else Kendrick has evolved over the past couple of years.

If there was any doubt that Kenny is the best rapper alive right now, it better be gone by next Friday.


Check the video above, or stream it on Spotify or Apple Music.


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