Kendrick Lamar posts to social media once in a blue moon, so when he finally does break his silence it means something big is usually about to happen. This morning, Kendrick put up a post on Instagram (now the only picture on his profile) which was just  the roman numeral for “4” on a black background.


Fans immediately started speculating what it could mean, but the consensus is that a new album is on its way. And people are freaking out a little bit.

One Insta pic doesn’t prove an album in on the way, but it’s tough to guess what else it could be.  King Kenny has dropped 3 albums so it would make sense that the IV refers to the fourth studio album.

Kendrick is also headlining Coachella this summer, and it would be tough to lead off one of the biggest summer festivals and not have any new music to promote along with it.

So hopefully there’s some K Dot on the way, but until there’s any confirmation fans are going to be going nuts trying to figure out what it is.


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