Drake dropped More Life on Saturday, and once again the Toronto superstar delivered another monster project filled with crazy bars, cocky punchlines, and songs that make you wanna call your ex in the middle of the night and try to make things work.  The project is being well-received and since it’s only been a couple of days it’s obviously already time to compare it to every other project Drake as put out.


1) Take Care (2011)

Take Care

Drake’s second album is without a doubt his strongest effort, and was Drake’s first true project that made everybody take him seriously as one of raps hottest stars.  This album has everything that made Drake so damn popular.  If you wanted pop radio hits, “Headlines”or “Take Care”.  More interested in some bars? “Lord Knows”and “HYFR”.  Tryna get in touch with your emotional side? “Shot For Me” and “Marvin’s Room” are there for you.  This album was an instant classic, and for good reason.

Hits: Headlines, Lord Knows, Crew Love… Honestly all of them, this album is number 1 for a reason

Misses: None of them…


2) So Far Gone (2009)


“So Far Gone” was a lot of people’s first introduction to Lil Wayne’s newest protegé, mine included, and Drake did nothing short of deliver.  One song after another, Toronto’s soon to be biggest star proved he was more than capable of singing and rapping on his own, and standing up next to giants like Lil Wayne and Bun B and holding his own.  The mixtape still holds up all these years later as one of Drake’s best projects.


Hits: Best I Ever Had, Uptown, Ignant Shit,

Misses: Unstoppable, Sooner Than Later


3) If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (2015)


If Take Care was Drake announcing himself as rap’s new superstar, IYRTITL was him solidifying that claim. Drake came out as cocky as he’s ever been right out of the gates with “Legend”, and didn’t slow up until the very end. The self-proclaimed ‘6 God’ rapped and sings his way over an extremely diverse line of beats, and one after another he lines them up and knocks them down.

Hits: Legend, Star67, No Tellin’, pretty much all of ’em

Misses: Used To, Now and Forever


4) More Life (2017)
More Life

It’s tough to place this album  playlist on the list this early, but after my first couple of listens it’s a bit above the middle of the pack.  Much like IYRTITL, More Life doesn’t have much in terms of direction or story, but the songs themselves are so good it’s easy to look past that.  As long as you don’t think about it in terms of an actual album, More Life is a very good group of songs.

Hits: Passionfruit, Portland

Misses: Too early to tell, can’t write any of them off yet


5) Nothing Was The Same (2013)


Nothing Was The Same is tough to place on this list.  Sometimes I listen to the whole thing and love every song until the end, and then other times I can only listen to a handful of songs before getting bored with it and moving on to something else.  I guess because of that it makes sense to keep it in the middle of the list.  It also loses points for not having the original “All Me” with Drake’s second verse included.

Hits: Connect, Started From The Bottom, Worst Behavior, Language

Misses: 305 To My City


6) Nothing Was The Same (2015)


I almost didn’t include this album just because it’s a joint effort with Future, but if you count Watch The Throne when comparing Kanye’s albums, might as well count this with Drake’s.  Rumor has it that Future and Drake put this tape together in less than a week while in between tours, and that’s both good and bad here.  Obviously the tape bumps and has a bunch of bangers on it, but the weak points on this album are that much clearer.  You can’t make a complete album in that amount of time without a couple of filler songs that normally would’ve been left off of a normal album.

Hits: Diamonds Dancing, Jumpman, Scholarships

Misses: Change Locations, 30 for 30, Plastic Bag, Digital Dash


7) Views (2016)


Views falls this far down the list simply because of how underwhelming it was.  There wasn’t a project for a long, long time, and Drake didn’t exactly deliver with the final product.  Maybe it was because the fans hyped it up to no end, and after a handful of delays people were hungry for new Drake. The tape played like everybody’s shittiest high school break up, and seemed like Drake’s emotional side had completely taken over. Honestly, this could drop to the 8 spot, but Views brought us “Controlla”.

Hits: Hotline Bling, Feel No Ways, Still Here, Feel Good, Controlla

Misses: U With Me?, Grammys, Views, Fire & Desire,


8) Thank Me Later (2010)


It’s tough putting any of these projects at the bottom, because that gives off the impression that it isn’t a good project, and with Thank Me Later that isn’t the case.  The first studio album for any artist is rarely their best, and there is always going to be room for growth.  This album had its hits with “Over”, “Miss Me”, and “Find Your Love”, but arguably had two of Drake’s worst songs with “The Resistance” and “Karaoke”.  Sorry Aubrey, but something has to be at the bottom.

Also, the album cover is pretty weak if we’re being honest.

Hits: Over, Miss Me, Up All Night

Misses: Fireworks, Karaoke, The Resistance



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