Look, I get how great Snapchat is. This isn’t a rant against Snapchat.  It’s probably the most important social media platform out there at the moment.  Facebook is for old people, Twitter’s stock is crashing faster than they can tweet out updates about its crashing stock, and Instagram is for tea-tox coupons and “models”. Snapchat is the king right now, and yeah it gives us the power to document our lives for 24-hour windows, but we’ve been abusing the hell out of that power.  For a really straight-forward app, there’s a million ways to be an awful snapchatt-er, but there is no way to be worse than Snapchatting throughout a concert.

Maybe it’s just a big pet peeve of mine, but I have to imagine plenty of people feel this same way.  I’m super against using your phone all concert in general, but Snapchat has made this problem so much worse I can’t wrap my head around it.  I’m gonna break this down as basic as possible to avoid rambling and sounding like a grumpy old man who hates technology.

1) Why would anybody want to watch it. 

There’s a long list of stuff people don’t want to watch on your snapchat story.  Make-up tutorials… Get out of my face.  Gym selfies… Take a hike.  Documenting your whole night of drinking (Looking at you high schoolers and college freshmen) Lock it up. Oh you’re singing a cover of a popular song? HARD Pass. But nothing and I mean NOTHING comes close to you recording 165 seconds worth of some concert from 60 yards away.  You can bet your ass nobody can understand what song is playing over that massive bass and nobody can see the artist beyond all the lights. Sweet video of the back of 100 people’s heads.

“Ohh neat a speck that might be Beyoncé, or it could be a security guard, oh wait that might just be a mic stand” – Everybody watching your snap-story from the nosebleed’s of Gillette Stadium.

Nobody has ever missed a concert and thought “God, I sure would love to watch a selfie video of a couple of people I kind of know scream-sing some Luke Bryan song from a mile away.”

2) Enjoy Your Concert.

If you spend all time on your phone you’re going to miss everything. Seriously, these artists put an unreal amount of time into making a show that’s memorable and is as crazy visually as it can be. You’re losing out on a chance of a lifetime to actually see your favorite musicians live, and you’re missing out on the experience.  You don’t go to the Grand Canyon and just look at it through your camera. It’s not going to compare, and that’s really all it comes down to.

3) You’re never Going to Watch It Again.

This is where it all adds up.  So the concerts over, you’re talking about it with your friends as you leave and on your phone is fifteen 10-second videos. Those videos are also going to be gone in 24 hours. So maybe you check them out once or twice the net day, and then they’re gone.  Gone forever.  Know what would be better than having the memory of that 10-second snippet, the actual memory of you paying some damn attention and enjoying it while it happens.

Plus on top of all of this, do you realize how tough it is to get a decent picture at a concert? If you’re even close enough to get a decent picture of the artist, you’re gonna be fighting the crowd and trying to not drop your phone.  I’ll use myself as an example.  At a Chance The Rapper concert last year, I managed to sneak up to the front row.  So I pull out my phone to snag a quick pic, maybe get a video and it didn’t go so well.


Nailed it….

The video is worse, and features the flailing arm of the kid in front of me. But take my word for it. It’s not worth it. It’s pretty much never going to be worth it.


Now I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “How can I avoid being the most insufferable person at a concert, even though I still want to document the night?”  Well it’s simple and I got you covered.

Take a picture early in the night: Snap a picture as soon as they get on stage.  It’s easier before they’re running all over the place and you’re fighting hundreds of other people for a little breathing room.


Not great… but better than nothing

If you want a video: Just grab a video or two of one of your more favorite songs.  No point recording every track on the set list.  Get something of a song you actually care about.

Don’t bother with your Snapchat: Seriously, take one lesson from this.  Nobody wants to watch it, and you’re not going to spend the next day watching it over and over again.

Enjoy: That’s it. Just enjoy the music.


So there’s my rant.  It actually feels great to get that off my chest. Seriously though, enjoy your concerts because it doesn’t get much better than live music.


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