Jazz Cartier’s album Hotel Paranoia is one of the best albums of 2016, and is still in steady rotation for me.  Earlier today, Jazzy released the video for my favorite song on the album, “Red Alert” in a joint video with “100 Roses”.

There’s been an upward trend of videos being shot in 360 degree panoramic, but I’m pretty sure this is the first music video I’ve seen do this.  I’m not fact-checking that so if I’m wrong somebody feel free to call me out.  Either way the video starts out pretty chaotic, with Jazz in a dimly lit room with a few models.  Then he’s transported to a road on the side of a highway running from cops, which is very fitting considering that’s the picture the lyrics paint.

Following with the shorter snippet of “100 Roses”, which non-coincidentally follows “Red Alert” on the album, it show several versions of Jazz spazzing out in the woods. The video overall has a really cool aesthetic and being able to scroll through 360 degrees of rotation is pretty damn cool.

Check the video below:


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