May 13th can’t get here soon enough.

Seriously… it can’t get here soon enough.

Finally, the 3 year wait for a new Chance The Rapper album is almost over.  Surf was amazing, but it wasn’t his album alone.  He’s also put out plenty of incredible guest verses, helped put together Kanye West’s album, put together several incredible charities and open mic-nights for Chicago youth.  This is finally something every music fan should be excited about and if you haven’t marked your calender, do it.

If you’re like me, this album is what’s getting you through finals week.  Luckily for all of us, Elz the DJ went and put a mix together of every song Chance has featured on.  Now instead of trying to listen to all of them as you remember them, there’s one place you can get it all.

Check out Chance 2.5 below and bump it from here until Friday.

And here’s the track-list so you can jump around to your favorites:

0:00 – “Navigator Truck” – Alex Wiley

3:30 – “Confident” – Justin Bieber

6:52 – “The End” – Jeremih & Shlomo

7:54 – “Planes (Remix)” – Jeremih

11:24 – “Friendship Heights” – Wale

14:08 – “Life Round Here” – James Blakes

16:48 – “Coast Is Clear” – Skirllex

18:52 – “Need To Know” – Macklemore

21:44 – “Ecstasy (Remix)” – Tinashe

24:48 – “Hello” – Busta Rhymes

28:22 – “You Song” – Lil Wayne

32:18 – “Baby Blue” – Action Bronson

36:22 – “Heaven Only Knows” – Towkio

39:38 – “Church” – BJ The Chicago Kid

43:40 – “All My Friends” – Snakehips and Tinashe

45:35 – “Don’t Wait (Remix)” – Mapei

47:32 – “Tweakin” – Vic Mensa

50:51 – “Child’s Play” – SZA

53:33 – “The Way” – Kehlani

55:55 – “Ultralight Beam” – Kanye West


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