Ear To The Ground: Allessia Cara’s “Here” (Jay’s Gone Fishing Remix)

How a lot of major music blogs hear of new music is that they get submissions from up-and-coming artists that are trying to get their name out there.  Being an extremely small blog that hasn’t been running for more than a couple months, I don’t exactly have that kind of luxury.  That’s why this is a big deal of a blog blog, because this little start-up  got its first heater of a submission.

This track comes from my good friend and DJ/ Producer Jay Deschene. He flipped Alessia Cara’s smash hit “Here” and gives it a island vibe and mixes it with some real good vibrations.  It’s a nice change for a song that’s a little slower and sadder than most of the stuff that’s in rotation now-a-days.

When talking to Jay about his latest track he said “What inspired me to create this track was the fact that the music kids like now a days tend to have a negative or gloomy sound and/or lyrics, so when I made the track I wanted to install positive vibes that remind people of being at the beach, lounging by the ocean, and not having a worry in the world just straight relaxation”

He definitely achieves that goal on this song. Check it out below, and keep your eyes open for what comes next from him.



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