Views From The 6 is supposed to drop any day now, but Drake has been relatively quiet besides all the signage that has been tossed up all over Toronto. That all changed today when he released “One Dance” with WizKid and Kyla and quickly followed that with “Pop Style” with Kanye West and Jay-Z.

“One Dance” has a more dancehall vibe, and samples Kyla’s “Do You Mind” (Remix).  It’s bouncy and has a real summertime vibe to it.  Drake recruits Nigerian singer Wizkid, who he has previously worked with, to hop on the bridge and add a little something to the dancehall sound.

Kanye and Jay-Z hop on “Pop Style” under the name ‘The Throne’. Jay gives maybe two bars before Kanye takes over and drops a Pablo filled verse.  Drake flows over the Sven Thomas beat with the new found flow he showed off on What A Time To Be Alive. He’s as boastful as ever claiming “And I like to finish what you think you started”.  Whether that’s a shot at Meek Mill or just all competition in general, Drake isn’t taking anything lightly.

Drake hasn’t confirmed whether these are going to be on the album, but we’ll see what happens since Views is rumored to be out by the end of the month. He has a lot to live up to after If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.


Listen to “One Dance” Here.

Listen to “Pop Style” Here.


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