Baauer still has a few weeks before his debut album, Aa is finally released, but the producer/DJ hasn’t slowed up in giving fans a little taste of what to expect with yet another new single dropping earlier today, Kung-Fu.  After dropping GoGo a few months ago, and then the release of Day Ones in January along with a performance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Baauer is back with his best song of the bunch.

Pusha T and Future both kill it on this song, plain and simple.  Push brings a verse with the same rhyme-spitting and word play that brings a nice punch to the song and amps it up to a new level.  Future does what he does best, and delivers another insanely catchy hook that is just as good as March Madness or anything on What A Time To Be Alive. If any song out of the bunch is going to make a splash, it’ll most definitely be this one.

Aa drops on March 18th, and if these singles are any indication, its going to be one of the hottest albums of the year.  Listen to all three songs below and see what you think.


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